My Cakey Bakey Kitchen

Welcome to Cakey Bakey Kitchen!

I make cake for pleasure and as a hobby for my family and friends – I’ve set up this blog site up to share my images and write about my projects… I hope you enjoy seeing what I am up to in my cake baked kitchen!

I started an interest in baking when my Mum turned 50 and I loved eating cake and already baked occasionally. I wanted to create a tiered cake I had seen lots of images of in magazines and online so set to and bought equipment to make this 3 tiered multi coloured cake. If I can find the picture (its a 5×4 print out not on digital format – I didn’t have an i-phone then!) I might consider embarrassing myself at how bad it was! I spent hours – into the night making and decorating this cake and I was so proud of it – at the time! I think my mum thought “What on earth is this monstrosity?” but she smiled gratefully!!

It got me hooked anyway and I was determined to get better – so every weekend I would set to baking and try and improve my skills! My boyfriend (hubby now) got chubby along the way as someone had to eat the cakes and sample them! Then I started taking them into work to share with my colleagues or home to my family and friends which turned to requests to make cakes!

There always seemed to be something on – my niece or nephews birthday, someone at work, a friend, a friend of a friend so I started taking on projects – they paid for the ingredients and I made them a cake.

My brother got married and I offered to make 200 cupcakes – I was keen for the challenge and they went down a treat – I then made my sister-in-laws mum and dad’s 60th cakes and cupcake towers, a ¬†cupcake tower for a friends wedding, a 3 tier cake for a close friends wedding,

Of course any cake I made I’d take a picture and post it on Facebook and tag myself in at “My cakey bakey kitchen” and my friends would comment and ask me to make cakes for their birthdays, children’s birthdays, weddings etc and my hobby continued to grow!


I’m a designer by trade and so I have a great eye for colour and design and making cakes allows me to use the creative skills I have to put a smile on people’s faces. My cakes are not perfect and I always push myself to do better (with the critical eye of my husband!) but I just love baking!

I studied at Nottingham College on evening courses for Cake Decoration and Cake Decoration Sugar Flowers NCFE and hold certificates for both.

Please get in touch with you comments and baking stories – I’d love to hear from you!

Faye x


Cakey Bakey Kitchen 2018