Dad’s 60th

My Dad turned 60 last week and we celebrated with a family meal and drinks at Seaholme Bar and Grill in Mablethorpe.

Of course I made him a cake to celebrate – Dad and Mum love to cycle – a hobby they have more recently taken up and become keen amateurs.

Dad also loves Scooters and has his own Orange Lambretta which of course had to feature in the cake!

The cake was a chocolate fudge sponge with chocolate ganache.

Two tiers of cake cut on a slope to give the visual effect of three tiers. The iced road wraps the circumference of the cake as the path “fondant iced Dad” cycled to the top of on his wire bike (which I have to give credit to hubby Matt for making that!)

I used white fondant icing which I coloured myself with food colouring and mixed the colours from the three primary colours red, blue and yellow (apart from the black!) The trees were cut with a tree stencil , I iced the 60 speed signs, rolled little balls of grey icing for rocks and modelled the scooter and dad with fondant icing.

The three trees on top were mini cake pops dipped in coloured white chocolate,my nephew loved these and also couldn’t wait to eat Grandad’s head! We didn’t let him!IMG_4701

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