Celebration Cakes

I have made many celebration cakes for family, friends and colleagues you can read more about the designs and see pictures by clicking on the links

  • 60th Birthday – Cycling Cake my dad’s
  • 40th Birthday – Liquorice Allsorts my friends hubby Ian
  • Hen Do Cupcakes my friend Rachel
  • Baby Shower Vanilla Sponge my friend Rachel
  • 1st Birthday – Waybuloo my niece
  • 2nd Birthday – Spot my niece
  • 3rd Birthday – Peppa Pig my niece
  • 4th Birthday – Frozen my niece
  • 60th Birthday – “Munsters” Lorry my sister-in-laws dad
  • 60th Birthday – Cupcake Tower my sister-in-laws mum
  • 21st Birthday – Horse head my mates niece
  • My Little Pony – a colleagues grandaughter
  • Football Pitch – a colleagues son
  • Beef Burger – at college learning to use the spray gun
  • Ice Cream – my friends mum’s 50th
  • Clowns Circus – just for fun at home
  • Rainbow Cake – just for fun at home


Cakey Bakey Kitchen 2018