Wedding Cakes

I have had the pleasure of creating 3 wedding cakes now – once of which was my own! Yes you heard it right, the day before our wedding I was having a spray tan in a pop up booth from the lovely Andrea at Wilde About Tan in my living room! I greeted Andrea at the door with blue food colouring up my arms – she was horrified to say the least!

  • Wedding Cake 1 was vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and white chocolate icing overlapped to create a layered effect. This was for my mum’s best friend!
  • Wedding Cake 2 was a 3 tiered cake consisting of chocolate and peanut butter, ginger cake and carrot cake – decorated with white fondant icing and carefully crafter sugar paste flowers
  • Wedding Cake 3 – OUR wedding cake – inspired by New York where we got engaged. Sky scraper buildings, Ice skating in Central Park with abstract edible paints in our colour palette – navy, blue and rose gold glitter. Lemon sponge, Chocolate and Peanut Butter and the Top layer – my mum’s input was her special Fruit Cake recipe. Topped with 2 ‘rings’ hexagonal shaped (another element throughout our wedding)

I have also created 3 cupcake towers for weddings:

  • 100 vanilla sponge cakes with vanilla icing and a variety of toppings – Dolly Mixtures, Love Hearts and 100’s and 1000’s.
  • 200 a mixture of chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache swirls and coffee sponge with coffee iced swirls.
  • 150 black and white themed cakes – a mixture of vanilla and chocolate sponge with vanilla bean icing decorated with black and white fondant butterflies which I made.




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